Jobs and Internships

Web Developer

We are looking for a skilled and security conscious web developer that can help developing our website and enterprise GUI. We hand code all our web interfaces using a variety of technologies.

The profile of a conformal employee is an open source developer with a published body of code. A self starter that scratches itchy itches. Strongly opinionated yet capable of working within a highly experienced team. Being a practical paranoid does not hurt either. Conformal offers a very informal work environment that uses nothing but open source solutions for development. We expect our employees to be open source advocates and preferably, participants.

We work from home so a reliable Internet connection is required.

Required skills:
· Strong PHP, JS/AJAX/JSON/XML, HTML and CSS skills
· Experience with PostgreSQL and jQuery
· Experience with responsive web design
· Exposure to the Go programming language
· Exposure to Bootstrap
· Security conscious

· C development skills on UNIX, OSX and Windows
· Go development skills on UNIX, OSX and Windows
· Experience with Revel framework and/or Gorilla Toolkit
· Keen eye for minimal and intuitive UI design

· Develop and maintain Conformal/Cyphertite websites
· Develop and maintain Intranet web pages
· Develop and maintain Bitcoin + PayPal payment infrastructure

We prefer resumes in PDF format. Please email your cover letter and resume to Bonus points will be given for PGP signed emails.